Dunstanburgh Castle

About the castle..

  • Dunstanburgh Castle is a 14th century enclosure castle standing in a dramatic position on an isolated promontory overlooking the North Sea.
  • The walls and gatehouse were built between 1313 and 1316. The castle was enlarged in the later 14th century when the gatehouse was turned into a keep and a new gateway was built.
  • In 1382-3 an inner ward was created behind the keep by a range of buildings placed around a courtyard. These buildings included accommodation for guests and men-at-arms as well as a kitchen and bake-house.
  • The inner-ward lies within a much larger enclosure which was surrounded by stone curtain walls; the northern side has been damaged by the sea as long ago as 1543, but the other sides are still upstanding.
  • A number of towers are built in the curtain wall; Lilburn Tower and Egyncleugh Tower were built in the early 14th century, whereas Constable Tower was built later that century.
  • Inside the enclosure are the remains of the castle's home farm.

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